« What if quantitative objectives were attained only once qualitative objectives had been? »

« Isn’t individual development the same as enterprise development? »

Training To these two questions, we answer “yes”. Since an employee’s capacities increase his or her motivation, which in turn increases skills, we believe that a manager, whether in a small or large entity, must take into account the need for individual employees’ development if that manager’s profit center is to withstand the constant changes in today’s society.

We believe that training should not be delivered with the sole aim of imparting or refreshing knowledge. We work on the principle that an employee who finishes a training course without feeling motivated cannot have received proper training, even if the message was correctly relayed by the instructor.

Espousal of the message being conveyed and enthusiasm are among the values we try to instill in each trainee attending our courses. We realize that it is counter-productive to expect trainees to listen to a person speaking all day long, which is why our instructors act more as facilitators than trainers. This means that the “classes” are carried out by the trainees themselves who, by responding to a series of questions raised by the instructor, collectively draw a conclusion. We believe that only then will they be able to really adopt the message being conveyed and apply the recommendations being made to them.

With a proven know-how in training staff who are in direct contact with clients, SD Consulting offers a comprehensive range of training modules, from greeting clients to the sale of products and services and conflict resolution.

Because our training sessions are interactive and structured in a dynamic way, trainees leave them satisfied that they have refreshed their knowledge but, above all, motivated to put the newly-acquired knowledge into practice.

All our management training modules can be found under the Training Modules & Consultancy Services tab on our website.


Skander DahaneSkander Dahane

Director/Consultant, SD Consulting

SD Consulting was founded in February, 2011 by 35 year-old and Marseille-born and bred Skander Dahane.

With a Maitrise in Applied Foreign Languages from Aix-en-Provence University and a DESS diploma in International Commerce from Euromed Management School in Marseille, Skander has extensive experience in marketing, advertizing, management and training.

Qualified in Leadership Management at the leading American institute Wilson Learning in 2011, and in Public Speaking, Skander simultaneously occupied the post of External Consultant for Training and Development for the UK broker KnowledgePool and ACS Europe at the Xerox Company.

Since then, he has been training employees -from new arrivals up to regional directors¬- in “soft skills”, using both software and training modules, mainly for Hertz, Advantage and Hertz Equipment, in France, Spain, Switzerland, the Benelux, the UK and Ireland.