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coaching This is the simple adage at the heart of SD Consulting’s coaching philosophy. SD Consulting wholeheartedly believes that a company’s number one clients are its own employees. Only employees with a sense of fulfillment in their jobs can really give satisfaction to the end client. Coaching is not a matter of infantilizing or mollycoddling a person; it’s simply helping a person become what you would like him or her to become -and what the person would have liked to become even though they aren’t necessarily aware of it at the start.

Aware of the fact that a good coach doesn’t necessarily make a good manager, and backed by its director/consultant Skander Dahane’s qualification in leadership management, obtained in the US in 2011, SD Consulting offers a comprehensive range of management training modules, including leadership, employee coaching and managing team performance. In attaining its targets, SD Consulting meticulously identifies all the required skills. Indeed, backed again by its director/consultant’s certification, the company also offers training to managers in public speaking. This module helps managers who may have a lack of charisma or confidence to acquire the assurance to speak in public, reinforce their leadership role and provide inspiration to their employees through reinforcing their adherence to the manager’s business development strategy.

With its acknowledged expertise in management coaching, SD Consulting has developed tools that will help you enhance your coaching skills in your dealing with employees and co-workers.

Lastly, we also offer training modules in behavioral interview techniques designed to optimize the manager’s recruitment process. The module is open to all enterprise profiles; however it is more suited to managers in SMEs and VSEs whose responsibilities include staff recruitment.

All our management training modules can be found under the Training Modules & Consultancy Services tab on our website.


Skander DahaneSkander Dahane

Director/Consultant, SD Consulting

SD Consulting was founded in February, 2011 by 35 year-old and Marseille-born and bred Skander Dahane.

With a Maitrise in Applied Foreign Languages from Aix-en-Provence University and a DESS diploma in International Commerce from Euromed Management School in Marseille, Skander has extensive experience in marketing, advertizing, management and training.

Qualified in Leadership Management at the leading American institute Wilson Learning in 2011, and in Public Speaking, Skander simultaneously occupied the post of External Consultant for Training and Development for the UK broker KnowledgePool and ACS Europe at the Xerox Company.

Since then, he has been training employees -from new arrivals up to regional directors¬- in “soft skills”, using both software and training modules, mainly for Hertz, Advantage and Hertz Equipment, in France, Spain, Switzerland, the Benelux, the UK and Ireland.